Immigration and PR

What is the difference between PR and Citizenship?

Permanent residency (PR)

  1. No voting rights, protection against deportations, equal rights, right to work, employment and social security
  2. Lifetime settlement permit (green card) renewed once in 10 years.
  3. Residency requirements: You must live atleast 9 months every year and cant be absent in the country for more than six months.
  4. You have to pay taxes on worldwide income upon acquiring PR status.
  5. You are permitted to hold citizenship from another country.
  6. Some countries require PR status, to naturalise for citizenship.
  7. Usually requires 3 to 5 years of living to be eligible for PR.


  1. Full right to live, work, study, vote as a citizen. Citizenship is for lifetime including for family and children.
  2. As a citizen you are entitled to a passport which entitles travel freedom (please note: passport is a proof of citizenship, not citizenship itself). Some countries issue passport different colour for naturalized persons and by birth.
  3. Equal rights as country citizens.
  4. All developed nations (UK, USA, Canada, France etc) allow multiple or dual citizenships to hold.