Choosing the Country

Things to keep in mind before choosing the country

In an open world where one can go anywhere and do anything, it becomes equally exciting and confusing to make a choice of “where to go to study and how to choose it?” These some points below will help the students and their parents to choose a country and decide for themselves:


Budget is a very important aspect to consider before choosing a country to go and study abroad. There are many countries that offer low fee courses but with high cost of living (eg. Switzerland) and there are also some countries that offer no tuition fee to low tuition fee (eg. Germany). Therefore, it is important to plan a budget for everything including the processing, application and travel.

English taught

It is important to choose a course which is taught in English since in India, English is the official language. It makes easier for students to interact in classrooms and comprehend well. It becomes easier to find part time jobs and communicate with locals.


There are many countries that offer good scholarships for students with achievements. Every country has their different scholarship criteria and guidelines which is important to know before choosing a country. It is always better and an honour to receive any amount of scholarship.

World Ranking

Always check the world ranking of the country’s universities that you wish to study in. Education system, style of education and mode of study is also important to consider deciding if it is the best fit. World ranking will show the standing of the university in the world with various criteria to help you choose better

Study with work options

Before choosing a country, consider the work options available as some countries allow limited working hours whereas some don’t have enough jobs due to recession or other issues.

Stay back

Check if the country that you are planning to move to allows you to stay back and work after the completion of your course and for how long? A country that has good stay back option can be beneficial for the future.

Other opportunities

Check for other opportunities such as cultural festivities, city life, country’s economy and other things about the country. You can also check if you can fit in the culture of that particular country.

International Exposure

Exploring a new country will open up your mind and broaden your perspective but also check if this country offers enough for your needs and wants. If you are from a developing country, you may choose to go to a developed country or vice versa.