Common Mistakes

It is common to make mistakes when we are doing something new. When it is a question of such a valuable investment as study abroad, It is important to avoid making mistakes. Here are some common mistakes that people usually make:

Wrong Consultant

A consultant is your best friend for the study abroad journey. Therefore, it is important to choose wisely! A wrong advice from the consultant can ruin your career so beware! A consultant’s job is to help you at each step from application to managing finance and flying abroad…to make your journey enjoyable and less problematic, always choose the right consultant.

Lack of Awareness of Scholarship and Process

Even if you are applying with the help of a consultant or by yourself, If you are unaware of the procedure and scholarship, then you may end up paying a lot and maybe get fooled by wrong dealers at different steps.

Incomplete Documentation

Incomplete documentation can only lead to rejection in application for university or visa. It is an important pillar of your application. Right types of documents ace always needed for successful application and its approval. Find the Checklist here.

Not evaluating the profile

Applying before evaluating the profile can cause a lot of problems and even lead to rejection of your application. Therefore, you must evaluate your profile and eligibility before the application process.

Planning Late

Yes, planning late is a big mistake! If you do not wish to miss a session or your classes, then you must plan early or in time in order to finish your procedures and arrive at the university to attend your classes. Always plan ahead to have enough time to arrange everything hassle free and relax.

Not Managing/Arranging enough funds

Most people think that one must only pay for the university tuition and that is all…WRONG! There are many side costs such as the application fee, visa fee, appointment, accommodation, living expense, travel expense, insurance etc. It is important to plan and manage your funds wisely and effectively. A good Consultant guides you to manage your funds and use them wisely and help you save money whenever possible.

Not checking the course content

This is a big mistake many students make because when you are going to study abroad, you must check for various things in the course… It is recommended to analyse and read the content carefully.

Not knowing about Stay back

Every country has different rules for stay back and offers different stay back on courses. Check if you are qualified to stay back with that course.

Ignoring the opportunities and future scenarios

All courses have different career options and opportunities but many students study a course without knowing about the future conditions or enough opportunities. Such mistakes can turn out to be a big clanger in your journey to success.